About us

The what:

For over 15 years we have been improving people's homes and lifestyles, solving problems through technology. Over this time, we built long term relationships with hundreds of clients who benefit from our innovation, experience and expertise.

With our knowledge and experience we can offer a complete range of services. Whatever you require, we can provide the complete solution. From concept to completion, we can guide you through the options available by offering sound professional advice and the right products, backed up with expert installation and after care service.

The why:

Technology today is becoming more and more advanced. Your TV now connects to the internet allowing for video streaming; games consoles enable you to play against your global friends; your music system can stream thousands of albums that you don't own; the lights in your home can turn on when you enter a room and off again when you leave and your heating knows when and how you like the temperature set by learning your routines. These are just some of the capabilities of a smart home which are achievable through independent products and multiple interfaces but our aim is to make the smart home a simple home.

Simple to use, a truly smart home should be intuitive and effortless. No more switching from one app to another or multiple remote controls cluttering up the coffee table. It can monitor and change according to the internal and external environment. Multiple events can occur at the press of a single button. We can design systems that enable control over every aspect of a smart home from a single user interface, these systems are fully adaptable so as things change the system can be reprogrammed to suit.

All of this technology is all well and good, but it relies on a solid backbone. If the infrastructure it is using to communicate is not up to standard then undoubtedly it will fail or there may be constant issues. We are passionate about cabling and we truly understand the importance of infrastructure.

With ever evolving technology, we are at the forefront to assist you through the ongoing developments and future proofing. We like to cable for what we know is needed today, but also know it's critical to install cabling for what may be required tomorrow.

The Process Journey


From the outset we are open about the specification of the equipment and the costs giving you full control of your smart home improvement.


This is Critical for success. If it's not designed correctly it will fail.

This includes:

  • Correct cabling infrastructure.
  • Network design - smart home products rely on a solid and robust network.
  • Correct hardware choice.
  • Future expandability.


If there is interior work to be completed we will discuss this with you beforehand. Once we begin our qualified engineers follow the technical installation procedures for every cable to the various hardware pieces we have specified.The system is programmed to the specification ready for use and implementation.


Ensuring the hardware is kept up to date and continues to function as it was designed to.


What tech can I have installed in my home?

Almost any technology can be installed into any property but it will require a good network to ensure it performs correctly. A network is best described here

At what stage of my renovation can I have smart home installations?

Ideally when the walls are stripped back or new rooms have been built and are weather tight, this is when we have the best opportunity to run new cables throughout your building. Generally, this would be when your electrician is carrying out his first fix.

Can I control all my tech from one device?

Yes, this is the advantage of a true smart home. All connected devices can be controlled from one interface. The interface can be a smartphone or dedicated touch screen.

Is new tech able to be integrated into the system I already have?

Potentially yes but this is dependent on the age and capabilities of the hardware you currently own. I am here to advise you please get in touch through our chat function and we will go through your current hardware and the integrations that you have.

Who would program my automation?

All of our systems are programmed in house by our engineers, this is completed during the system build on site and this functionality allows for remote access should any changes be required.

Can Connected Home systems work with my interior designer?

Yes, we have worked with many interior designers over the years to ensure the technology blends seamlessly with your intended interior of the property.

Can I use connected home systems on new builds?

Yes definitely this is the best time to contact us as we will be able to ensure that everything is designed and installed during the build process so no remodelling or disruption happens once your new home is complete.

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